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Minutes of the Meetings of the Division



VenueMinutesAttendance Register
48th SAIP, University of Stellenbosch, 26 June 2003. MSWord (40K), PDF(30K) List of attendees and email addresses. MSExcel(20K)
49th SAIP, University of Free State, 1 July 2004. MSWord (60K) List of attendees and email addresses. MSWord(60K)
50th SAIP, University of Pretoria, 5th July 2005. MSWord (60K)  
51st SAIP, University of the Western Cape, 5th July 2006. MSWord (60K)  
52nd SAIP, University of the Witwatersrand, 2nd July 2007.    
53rd SAIP, University of Limpopo, 9th July 2008. pdf (600 Kb) pdf (50 Kb)

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