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Articles: South African Journal of Science (2005)

During 2005, the following announcement was made, and members were asked to contribute:

Physics in the South African Journal of Science in 2005

1 Proposal

The South African Journal of Science (SAJS) proposes, in collaboration with the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP), to give special attention to the publication of Physics in 2005, including a special commemorative issue in July 2005 that will be devoted to Physics.

2 Motivation

This publishing programme will celebrate (a) the International Year of Physics and (b) the 50th anniversary of the SAIP on 7 July 2005.

  • The proposed Special Issue, and contributions that will appear in other issues, will give expression to the SAIP's mission to be the "Voice of Physics in South Africa".
  • The SAJS will provide the opportunity for physicists to present a diverse range of contributions. For instance, outcomes of the report on the Future of Physics project could become an integral part of the Special Issue. The educational scene, the demographics of Physics and Physicists, and something about the history of the SAIP are other potential background topics.
  • The main body of the special issue should contain five to seven Research or Review Articles (5000 words), preferably spread over the areas of the SAIP's Specialist Groups, each accompanied by shorter (<1500 words) Research Letters and/or other short communications.

This issue of the SAJS will form part of many activities planned for the IYP, which can be found on the SAIP website

Contribution summary

The following contribution was compiled from originals and sent to the SAJS:

  1. AIPSG Combined contribution

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